Mike McClelland joined the SPRO Pro Team in 2006 with the desire to design a line of stick-baits. The McStick 110 was the first of Mike's designs that was released in 2008, which he considers the "workhorse" of the line. It has been followed up by the McStick 95 and 115, as well as the McRip 85. Growing up in the Ozarks, he spent countless days on the White River chain of lakes, Grand Lake and Lake of the Ozarks fishing with crankbaits. After Mike's most recent Elite Series win on Table Rock Lake in 2014, he decided he wanted to design his own series of crankbaits, now known as the “RK” series. The RK 55 is designed to specifically hunt around rocks and catch not only large-mouth and small-mouth, but a variety of species of fish.

Mike's strong competitive nature is what lead him to his career as a Professional Bass Angler. After winning back to back BASS events on the Arkansas River and Ross Barnett, Mike was able to fish full time for a living. He went on to win two more events at the BASS Invitational level, four Elite Series events and has qualified for eleven Bassmaster Classics.

Family: wife Stacy; children-Justin, Jacob, Noah
Hobbies: Fishing, Camping, Hunting, Playing Poker, Golf